Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Portfolio Pieces: Bag and Piano

Couple of portfolio pics that I haven't bothered uploading (I have more but I need to take pictures of them)

A piano from the early 1900s that we got from a family friend. It's an absolutely gorgeous piano with really intricate detailing on it and the wood colour is so beautiful. I really do love it, but sadly no one in my family can play anything more that Doe-a-Deer. 
Now it's furniture.
I should take some lessons one day, maybe move some stuff... e_e

Sheridan wants a picture of "everyday objects". I'm pretty sure they interpreted this as fruits and that which you paint like a master, BUT I CHOSE SOMETHING DIFFERENT (go me).
I decided to draw my everyday objects, such as my handy-dandy sketchbook, my wallet, and iPod. My phone's squished in there too but it's not that important. Also a Scott Pilgrim comic was there (SCOTT PILGRIM YESSSSS -superfangirl-)
I messed up on the strap though, one part's supposed to be longer and then there would be more room for the headphone chords and ahh it was a mess v_v I'm not going back (plus I had to return Scott Pilgrim to the library ;n;)

Again, I apologize for the terrible image quality. My camera's really starting to kick the bucket.

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