Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just a doodle of Buttons since I haven't drawn him in almost a year.
Drawing ones characters is actually a very soothing thing, who would've known.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Portfolio Piece: Hands

I can't say anything particularly deep/ interesting (do I usually?) about this piece, as it's just something Sheridan wants to see. I am actually really pleased with how these turned out, especially when my hands are not my strong point. Feet are just so much easier to draw :P
These were still a bitch to draw, it took 4 hours just to get the lines down v_v. During those four lovely hours my hand moved way too much and my mom spilled her tea which almost got onto the picture but did manage to ruin my pose. It was terrible.
But it's over now so I'm happy xD

A timeline of HANDS (time span: 1 month), oldest to newest:

Portfolio Piece: Chairs

One of the two portfolio pieces I put into my preliminary portfolio and will be using for my final one. I thought it was kind of cool how my house has a so many old chairs that all have similar qualities to them, yet they're all different, so I decided it'd be fun to draw them. My dad's a bit older, so we have a lot of old furniture and I really liked how these chairs in particular had a vintage feel to them. Just a little bit of history.

A picture of all three chairs together are below, I had to move them after the photo because they were way too close together and it was a pain to draw. Also, I apologize for the terrible photo quality. I didn't want to take the picture itself out of the portfolio sleeve and my camera also sucks v_v

Some process shots:

Dreamer WIP

Inspiration is a funny thing. After researching Sheridan and OCAD alumni for the past 3 hours (I know, I'm crazy) and listening to some good tunes, I have the biggest urge to create something amazing. 

The winter break so far has actually been really great. Even though I haven't been out much (due to me being a complete loner and portfolio work), I've been spending all day with my two huskies. These dogs are probably the best thing that has ever happened to me (even if one has some major anxiety issues and chews everything), especially my first one who is pretty attached to me. She follows me around the house, it's pretty awesome <}
So when I was going on my crazy research spree, I looked in the mirror and she was sleeping IN THE CUTEST POSE. I drew her as fast as I could but she moved soon after I finished my basic blocking. Which has now left me in a state of "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOUR LEGS D8". Just a bit of REAG.
Not too sure what I'm going to put in the bg (looking at it now putting her leash and rawhide bone is kind of a stupid idea and doesn't send the point I'm trying to make) just yet, so more sketching ensues!

I'll take some pictures of my current portfolio pics and upload them tomorrow, right now I should be asleep v_v

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feather - FINISHED

Yeahh man finished! 
This took... far too long.

And if anyone enjoys process shots:

I always like looking at those :'>
My art has no meaning to it ho hum~ And my font placement needs some work, and so do my faces, and hands... and PEOPLE IN GENERAL /die