Friday, May 20, 2011

Look Behind You

I haven't updated this blog in at least a month, and I'll probably only be updating it periodically. I have another piece to post after this one though so that's pretty exciting c;

Look Behind you
20" x 16"
Embroidery on water colour paper (I'm assuming that's the paper anyways :S)

For my grade 12 art show, every student is supposed to come up with a theme (but it's pretty much a thesis) and we have to create four pieces of work based on that theme. My theme is the idea of 'Overboard Imaginations', where our mind often blows silly things way out of proportion. 
Look Behind You is about the irrational idea that there could be something with you in the dark. You're in bed, trying to go to sleep, and you just can't help but think there's something with you in the room. It's stupid, it's irrational, but it's there.

100% hand embroidered and took me fucking AGES. Swear to god I will never embroider something like this.
ever >:I
And I procrastinated and left it until the last minute (bad decision). Which equaled me doing embroidery for four solid days. 
But I'm glad it's all over @_@

Detail shots:

(My camera completely died so until we get a new one, cell phone pictures it is!)