Sunday, February 20, 2011

Portfolio Pieces: A Whole Bunch of Stuff

"2) A figure in an interior, include some furniture or other items. The drawing should indicate your ability to show light, shadow and form through shading or cross hatching. The drawing should create an interesting atmosphere or mood. Do NOT use a pencil."

"3) A view out through a window, including part of the interior of the room. The goal is to demonstrate your understanding of perspective (foreground, middle ground and background)." 

Swear to god the third drawing test looks better irl :c

And now for some nekid ppl:

First guy I need to fix his face (so off regj;EGJRSg), I actually fixed the second one's head, arm, feet and hand after taking this photo (go me), and the last one's head it too small. 
12 days until the portfolio assessment. dundundunnnnnn

Portfolio Pieces: Making Some Tea

"4) a) Draw a still life of simple objects similar to a sphere, cube and cylinder (for example, an orange, a cereal box and a coffee mug). 
b) Now do a second drawing, on another sheet, of the still life but with some kind of change or transformation having taken place with the objects. This exercise is meant to test your creativity. " 


I'm having a love/ hate relationship with these pictures @_@. I think my shading's improved and the proportions aren't bad (but after scanning them in I see some problems Q_Q ), but MY CREATIVITY IS LIKE DAMN NO.
There's hardly a change in the items. CREATIVITY WHERE ART THOU??? 
but I'm not re-doing them so I hope Sheridan likes them >:I