Tuesday, March 27, 2012



No but seriously I have met so many cool people this year (and possibly creeped out a couple really awesome fourth years) I just feel so grateful ;_; 
and honoured
and lucky.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Painting 2

Some paintings from both last semester and this semester. Honestly my still lives are so much better than my figure painting 9_9

6 hour acrylic setup done last semester. Man coming back for the second 3 hour session and setting up all over again was frustrating.

My big painting assignment from semester 1, an ever-so-cool deer antler done in acrylics.

And the setup. Deer antlers are sweeeeet (thanks mom!)
Now to get some skulls aw right

And second semester watercolour still lives:

I painted one glorious teapot, I'm not even going to hide it.

And sketchbook #2 is all bound and ready to go! Never try a new bookbinding technique at 1 in the morning expecting it to be done in an hour, things just don't end up like that >:I
It's pretty amazing looking back at the beginning of semester one and realizing how much I've improved since then. I can actually draw an apple sitting on a table and it looks like it's sitting...
...on a table.

It only gets better from here!