Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snake Man

Hey guys, I'm looking for a man who's bald, has slitty eyes, a pointy nose, a boa constrictor and has a face that just screams I'll beat you up just for the fun of it!!!
jks no... I'd be too afraid Q_Q
Just doing some late night doodling, I actually really like this guy's face. I'm thinking about doing a little series on people who resemble animals just for the fun of it.

And things smoothed over at home which is a huge relief. I feel pretty stupid for blogging my inner emo but it felt really good at the time so no regrets?
so many who am I kidding.

Friday, June 1, 2012


I'm not one for change. I stress out really easily and change brings unknown. Maybe this unknown is a good thing; yet it could just as easily be a bad thing. 
Last year there was a lot of change for me. School changes, friend changes, social changes, family changes. A lot of these changes were good but some of them were pretty terrible as well. One change is currently not working out, and something new might stem out of it. Right now this growth is pretty ugly, and I'm worried it may not work out for all parties involved.
Last year I was excited for this, new beginnings and a fresh start. Happiness was almost a sure thing since things couldn't get much worse.

I always thought I was a good kid, I've never been drunk, done drugs, gone to wild parties, stolen anything or brought anyone home. I don't go out often, I have jobs (which I love), work hard at school, don't spend much. I eat a lot, and I'm pretty lazy, and I suck at making plans and responding to people, but no one's perfect. 
I worked really hard to be that good kid.

Sorry guys, I really wanted to keep this blog a neutral art blog but it kind of devolved into a vent space. I still seem to have a lot of silly teenage angst hanging around... I was really hoping I could grow out of shouting at the internet but maybe it'll just take time? Who knows.