Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hey you

Hey Sheridan hopefuls checkn' out my blog.
This is what you become after 2 years of art school:

Dead sexy.

(do any of you actually check my blog or do just look at that one post? The unanswerable questions of life)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Royal Winter Fair 2012

I made the cow look like a dog.

This was my second time drawing at the Royal Winter Fair and it was so much fun! I love these sketchbook excursions, they're loose and experimental plus hanging around with friends is nice too. It's also nice looking back on the sketches I did last year and realizing I've improved tons. I hope we go next year too *u*
I think I sketched less this year, and we didn't see any horses ;_; I wanted to see them so bad! They're faces are just the cutest and their noses are soft and they're muscular and just fabulous creatures. 
But oh man I did some serious communing today, these three goats came up to me and just stayed there while I pet them for a good half hour! They just stood there and it was just dddgggfsss cute QuQ And this one sheep! It came up to me and just stood there while I petted it (pet? petted?)
I love animals. So much.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


My scanner refused to make the pink neon. Like... would not even try. It completely flattened and dulled the colour so I had to do some major photoshopping to get the eye-burning intensity that the gouache truly possesses.
Truly a fabulous colour!

And a shout-out to Josh since he reads my blog (hi Josh!)