Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ink Figure Drawing

Since I'll be handing these in on Wednesday for my last figure drawing portfolio of first year, I decided why not upload these as a visual diary so when I'm all grown and professional I can look back and say man, I'm a lot better now.

These are forty minutes to hour long poses done in ink.

(Ed's the greatest model! Seriously every time I draw him my picture turns out amazing)

And a little 20 minute one

The best of the worst anatomy studies we did in class (20 mins)

And here is a picture of a 10 minute pose done in the first class we used ink. Look at the improvement, and I barely even went to extra life this whole semester (which I don't endorse btw, I totally regret not going more often v_v)

First year is almost over which is pretty crazy! I'm tired both physically and emotionally (I found out this year I have a lot of insecurities about my art and myself, and I'm really bad dealing with stress. It's great!) and I'm ready for summer haha @_@. 
Next week I'll scan the best of my sketchbook pages and post a painting or two.