Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Recently I'm finding I want to draw more interiors. I'm really into atmosphere right now and rooms just have such eerie, contemplative feelings to them.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Insecurity p.1

Woah guys a real update with pictures and process and everything!
I'm currently on my reading week which is a nice time to sleep in and relax (what I've been doing haha). As well I have time to work on my mini comic for a project called the First Year Anthology created by my classmates Charlit Floriano and Katherine Diemert

This is the first page out of four, five or six. I can't decide. I'm lazy and decided not to do any paneling because that takes extra time and thought and this thing is due next Tuesday.
I've just started using a dip pen and Chinese brushes and honestly I cannot see why I haven't tried them out sooner! The line quality has more character and sensitivity than fine liners and the black you get from the India ink is just perfect. Don't get the cheap Royal India ink though, that stuff never dries truly black and it smudges after it dries.

The original scanned and the linear (really messy, terrible linear that didn't help at all).

And the photobooth ref because look at my dog, he wanted to play :'}

Don't have a lot to say now ahh hm.
Her face is off, so for my next linear I'm not going to spontaneously shift the picture and wing the final.

And for all you Sheridan portfolio people I'll be helping out both Friday and Saturday so if you see a chubby, average height half-asian girl that's me (say hi, I'll be super awkward but meeting people is awesome c: )

Monday, February 20, 2012