Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rabbit Heart

"Here I am a rabbit hearted girl"
- Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) - Florence and the Machine

Since I uploaded it onto dA I thought I might as well upload it here too (days later...) and maybe offer more of an explanation.

You really have to listen to the song to understand the mood I was going for (how do you put music into these thing >:I?). In the song she mentions how she needs to change from a weak, delicate person (rabbit hearted girl) to being a brave and strong women (lion-hearted). So this image is basically the turmoils of realizing she must change from what she has always been and become something new. I'd like to relate this feeling to weight loss, because you know you need to change but it's damn hard (and I always lose sobsob)

The rabbits coming out of her are supposed to be cute, like rabbits usually are, yet slightly unnerving. The slitty punk double eyes are supposed to install some sort of menacing feeling to the animals. As well, when they are coming out of her "heart" it's supposed to look extremely painful like they're unwanted spirits that are having fun staying in her body.

I choose yellow for the background for the fact that yellow symbolizes cowardness, but at the same time can mean something warm and comforting. All other colour choices were made because I like pink |D

First step to becoming someone DEEP OH YEAH 
Yeah that was bad. ah.

Next steps: learn how to paint digitally hutcha


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