Friday, August 31, 2012

Dreams & Reality

Dreams & Reality

Image one from Lovechild, a zine created by my good friend/ shrine idol Katherine and featuring art from my other good friends but not shrine idols Charlit Floriano, Melissa Chung and Carina Pudding

I had to do an image loosely based off the book After Dark by Haruki Murakami (like, really loosely based). What Katherine really wanted was a feeling of dreams and reality merging together since the book is based on these two sisters, one who is in a coma dream state, and how the difference between reality and dreams blur throughout the story. I've never read the book, but I really should now.

Overall I'm pretty proud of myself, simply for the fact that I never do any sort of landscape/ backgrounds so as a first attempt it's not bad. The picture really shows my technical limits though since I wanted to put more detail into the buildings but a mixture of time constraints, inability and frustration left them pretty basic. And I used the liquidation tool for the fist time and idk if that's not kosher or not but I thought it turned out pretty cool. Hopefully this picture will push me to do some backgrounds since they really do add a whole other level of emotion and value to your picture (that was BS, man whatever).

On the left, my three ideas for the project. I liked the middle on the best, but the last one fit the idea better. Can you tell I wasn't exactly comfortable with the third idea? And to your right was my initial idea, but through Katherine's advice and my brothers... ya, I scrapped the shadow dudes and MERGED THEIR HEADS. So much creepier.

I'll post my second image after tonight because... I have work and driving -u- St. Vincent on my playlist all day long.

Just have the whole Purity Ring album w/e.