Sunday, September 11, 2011

Portfolio Drawing Test

I was going to post my portfolio for a couple of months now, but having a broken camera and a tendency to procrastinate kind of delayed my plans. Now that I have a new camera, and I have to re-start my work ethic, I'm going to post my accepted Sheridan Illustration portfolio up half today, and the other half whenever I photograph all my pieces :P

Overall I got a 78/ 100 score on my portfolio which though is not the greatest, it's a solid score that will get you into the program. The minimum score to get in this year was 55/ 100, but the minimum really depends on the people applying and in general how good their work is. One year the portfolio minimum was a 66/ 100.

For the drawing test each piece was marked out of 10, and I'll post my mark for each picture. Probably my drawing test was the best part of my portfolio. 

Figure Sitting

Figure Standing

Figure doing an everyday activity

Figures - 9/ 10

Pen drawing with a figure in a room, creating a mood/ atmosphere. NO PENCIL.
9/ 10

Looking through a window, shows perspective and understanding or foreground, middle-ground and background.

Cube, sphere and cylinder objects before.

Cube, sphere and cylinder objects after a change.

Objects - 7/ 10

Just a note with the figures, for the two people who have censors over their eyes, I just didn't want them to see my blog and be like 'I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU PUT THIS UP ARGHHHH' because they both didn't like those pictures :'D
And I'm pretty sure I lost marks on my objects because my 'change' was not that creative. yeahh

Hopefully this helps some people needing portfolio examples! I found very few portfolio examples when I was doing mine and it wasn't fun. If anybody has any questions then contact me at, or send me a note on deviantart or tumblr. Don't know how helpful I'll be, but I'll try my best :)
Best of Luck guys!

Some helpful links: (you'll have to go through a whole bunch of pages, but it's worth it!)
Jori Bolton's portfolio (done almost 4 years ago but it's extremly helpful and his drawing skills are amazing! He got a 89/ 100 on his portfolio)

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