Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Royal Winter Fair 2012

I made the cow look like a dog.

This was my second time drawing at the Royal Winter Fair and it was so much fun! I love these sketchbook excursions, they're loose and experimental plus hanging around with friends is nice too. It's also nice looking back on the sketches I did last year and realizing I've improved tons. I hope we go next year too *u*
I think I sketched less this year, and we didn't see any horses ;_; I wanted to see them so bad! They're faces are just the cutest and their noses are soft and they're muscular and just fabulous creatures. 
But oh man I did some serious communing today, these three goats came up to me and just stayed there while I pet them for a good half hour! They just stood there and it was just dddgggfsss cute QuQ And this one sheep! It came up to me and just stood there while I petted it (pet? petted?)
I love animals. So much.

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