Thursday, October 4, 2012


Morning View
8" x 8"

My decorative piece for school that had to be based on one (or more) of the four elements. I know it's not super decorative like Mucha's work (I can't do that level of detail; I honestly don't know how he could) but I wanted to take my own approach to decorative instead of being highly inspired by somebody else.

I really enjoyed working on this picture more than the final outcome. I could have pushed the patterns, it looks really simple still and I made a couple of weird colour decisions (the top of the mountains, that was a bad choice). But it was my first time doing a picture in gouache and after hearing my profs say how hard the medium is I feel pretty proud haha! It was hard to deal with, this picture probably took me way longer than it should have because I used gouache and not acrylic. 

But it's cool now, we're cool.

What really helped me beside the b + w copy was doing a colour rough in photoshop. The colours are more united in photoshop (which sucks that I didn't pay more attention to what I was mixing, I should have limited my palette and stuck with the colours I started out with) but it really stopped me from worrying about what colours I needed to mix. It was like, "I need this colour, okay, I'll mix it!"

Next week I'll have my electronic media project done and I'm really excited to post it *u* It looks pretty sweet so far  >u<

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