Sunday, July 15, 2012


Sorry guys, I haven't been posting much (or replying to any of my notes on tumblr, I'm so bad ;_; ). I haven't been drawing much if that's an consolation? I have some old school work though.
It's all I ever have.

The last painting of the year; we had to do a still life containing only one general colour (red, blue, etc.) but still use a full range of colours on our palette. Roughly 8 hours, acrylics.

The last figure drawing painting of the year, 9 hour pose, acrylics.

And some gifts:

For one of my best friend's 18th birthday featuring her favorite breed!

A memorial picture for another friend's birthday

See if you're irl friends with me, and you have a dog, you'll most likely get a dog picture in some point of our friendship.


You won't see this baby until Wednesday (with some exciting info!)

 In un-art related news, I went to Edgefest in downsview park on Saturday with a good friend of mine. It was AWESOME. The Pack A.D and the Silversun Pickups were my favs from the main lineup.

Picture taken by Young the Giant. My friend and I were at the very front!

I even moshed! And got into a car accident! (no one was hurt)
 It was crazy!!!

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