Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I'm a little disappointed with the how this turned out. I think it's partially because of the font and little compositional problems and because I just spent too long on this. I stopped caring somewhere and was like MAN I JUST HAVE TO FINISH THIS!
Never stop caring.

But it was a nice little intro back into photoshop since I haven't done a serious digital picture since the Florence and the Machine one (which was like what, January?). 
But my next picture shall be more conceptual since I never seem to do conceptual stuff on my own time. And the idea of the pretty art I'm making is kind of scaring me.

Process (I thought it was interesting):


  1. dude, I really love this track!! Hadn't known of them before now.
    Also really love how you include music with a lot of your posts– v. fun! :DDDD