Thursday, November 10, 2011

Royal Winter Fair + Sheridan Illustration Merch

I had the chance to go to the Royal Winter Fair yesterday in downtown Toronto with about 12 of my classmates. It had to be the best field trip I've ever been on,  you can't beat 5 hours of straight animal drawing :D

Everyone got their own mini Sheridan Illustration stool (it had Sheridan Illus. on it, I felt so cool ;u; ) and we sat in front of the animals and talked to them (or yelled if they moved, there was a lot of that happening). I tried using different mediums, but it all went back to pencil in the end. Watercolour was SO BAD holy shit now I've got to practice so I don't disgrace myself in public again.
And drawing in public was mildly terrifying. I've creeped people in public before, that doesn't even bother me, but when you're drawing the animals people walk by you and stare over your shoulder,
But yeah, it was fun and I could've stayed for another couple of hours (next time).

One of my classmates Melissa posted her sketches online too, you should check them out!

And in other news I officially love Sheridan. They had a mini-sale for the fourth year illustration grad show and I bought some stuff. I'm totally going to save money JUST SO I CAN BUY ILLUSTRATION MERCH.

Last years Grad book (so nice, the quality of the printing is beautiful! And the illustrations are okay too :p).

Some Kailey Lang buttons (Melissa grabbed the pair of earrings I was debating on buying, WHY). These things are so cute, like, they melt my heart (even if you can't tell by the photo).

Life's good when you can draw animals and buy really adorable buttons :)

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